Paul and Joyce


Greetings from Africa!

Thank you very much for your interest in our ministry. We (Paul & Joyce) are African missionaries serving patients with leprosy in 54 African nations. Since 2001, we were called to hear their cries and fulfill their spiritual and physical needs in poor communities without much social support, education, and medicine. As followers of Christ, we are heading God’s command to love others as our own. Our mission is to share God’s amazing love with the poor and less privileged.

Our ministry through World Join Us participates in promoting education, housing, and clinics to meet their physical needs. They are physically and spiritually hungry. Our ministry seeks to bring hope to these impoverished communities. Our ministry cannot exist on its own. We are asking you to partner with us in bringing hope, comfort, and the Gospel. Thank you for your constant support and prayer.  Blessings to be called your friends in Christ

Paul and Joyce Shin