Paul and Joyce started their pastoral ministry in Seoul, South Korea. They faithfully served a small congregation in a suburban town. Paul met Christ while serving in the army and decided to be an Africa missionary.  He began a church named “World Mission Church” after completing his seminary studies. It’s amazing how God has been blessing his small faith to do great things for Him.

Paul and Joyce always had compassion for the poor. While serving their small church, they looked after the people without homes and suffering from alcoholism in the nearby parks. In winter times, Paul and Joyce invited them to stay with them and live in the church and kindly provided food and clothes. Paul always called the homeless “angels” and Paul and Joyce loved caring after them like parents. Their current ministry in Africa is an extension of their heart for the poor.

They want to spend the rest of their lives dedicated to serving, educating, and empowering the poor with the power of the Holy Spirit. Their life mission is to love God, love others, and serve compassionately.